Turbo Broom

Turbo Broom
Turbo Broom™

 36" (91 cm)

                                  Commercial-Grade Walk-Behind Rotary Broom.

    The Meyer Turbo Broom is a high-performance broom ideal for high traffic walkways. Its high-speed rotary brush reduces the chance of slip and fall incidents by removing snow and thin ice from surfaces. It is ideal for paver and other textured surfaces as its durable poly bristles penetrate nooks and crannies that snow throwers and shovels just can't reach. And you'll get the most out of your investment as the Turbo Broom can be used year-round.

    Turbo Broom Features


    Independent Control



    • 36" wide broom with durable hood cover that is built to last

    • 200 RPM broom speed designed to clear any surface - no matter the season

    • Hydrostatic transmission with hand grip variable speed controls allow you to   walk at your own pace with little effort

    • Control lever allows broom to be manually adjusted 30° left or right of center (0°), with lock pin to hold broom position

    • Kohler Command PRO 16.9 cu. in. (277 cc), 9.5 HP, all-season gas engine with Electric Start

    • Adjustable casters to set broom height and location to eliminate brush wear

    • Independent control levers that allow you to engage and disengage the broom at any poin of operation for easy handling

    • Heated hand grips to keep you comfortable all-winter long


    Engine: Kohler Command Pro 16.9 cu. in. (277cc), 9.5 HP
    Speeds: Variable speed control
    Broom Width: 36" (91cm)
    Drive Tires: 16" x 4.8" Pneumatic Tires
    Weight: 390 lbs
    Broom Angle: 30 degrees left and right of center (0)
    Broom Speed: 200 RPM
    Broom Support